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Universal HID Relay Harness

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Here we have our HID Relay Harness. This is a one size fits all type harness for all your Low only setups. These are used when you know that your vehicle has electrical issues or if you want to safeguard your OEM wiring with a $19 harness. Just think, if something was to go wrong with your lights it could damage your OEM harness..costing you hundreds. By installing this HID Relay Kit you will safeguard your entire system as well as boost the power supplied to your HID Kit by over 40%. This Relay Kit ads a direct +(positive)to your battery terminal as well as two grounds(one per side)to your HID Kits. We have seen light output increase anywhere from 10%-40% by installing one of these Relay Kits and also have seen our kits last as long as 8years with ZERO issues. Imagine your savings over a 8year period if you didnt have to purchase new bulbs/ballasts or if your still halogen than halogen bulbs. Simply put, we do not install HID Kits in our store without the use of a HID Relay Harness. It guarantees that the kit lasts longer, is brighter, and is all around safer.

Q: I start my car with the HID kit turned on and one or both of the lights turn off.
A: The lack of power and pulsing voltage when your starter is cranking may activate the safety circuit in the ballast and turn one or both off to protect its self. Solution: a: Start car with headlights turn off. b: Install autolamp/DRL relay harness.
Q: Does my car require a autolamp/DRL (day time running lights) harness?
1. If your car has headlights that turn on automatically when it gets dark then yes you may require a harness. 2. If your DRL circuit shares with your low beam it may only output 50% - 80% power when your DRL is active and will cause your lights to flicker. That lack of power is not enough power to activate the HID ballast thus requiring a autolamp/DRL relay harness. In some vehicles you can remove the DRL relay or fuse to disable your DRL. This will stop your lights from flickering when you start your car. If you are able to disable your DRL then you will not need a autolamp/DRL harness as well. 3. If you have a BMW that has a headlamp sensing system you will require a BMW harness.

All our items come with a full 2 year hassle free warranty through us.  We are located here in the United States, and will ship your item and service your warranty here as well.  If you have any questions while placing your order, simply give us a call at (336) 373-0303 or 0304 Monday-Friday 9am-6pm EST or Saturday 9am-2pm EST.  We have been the leading choice in the HID Market since 2003

Your purchase will include:

1 x HID Relay Harness(universal for any Low HID..If you have High/Low call)

2 x Warranty

Will these HID kits work on my vehicle?
Simply put, yes! We have our own leading design of bulbs, not sold anywhere else.  These Xtreme HID Bulbs are available in every bulb type and in 13 color options. Be sure that the kit itself will work with your cars electrical systems, as some newer cars requires Warning Canclers and HID Relay Harnesses in order to run at 100%. If you have any questions while placing your order, simply give us a call at (336)373-0303 or 0304 Monday- Friday 9am-6pm EST or Saturday 9am-2pm EST.  As always, XtremeHIDS thanks you for visiting for all your automotive lighting needs.


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HID light kits are not commonly referred to as a safety feature, but they really are.

HID Kits really add another dimension to driving at night that often goes unnoticed.

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